Regardless of where you are in your cancer journey, Active Support Buddy has caring volunteers to be your walking partner and provide you with moral support. Our goal is to ease the effects of cancer treatment by pairing you with a compassionate Buddy who will walk with you at a convenient outdoor location, such as a park or other public location within Contra Costa or Alameda County. 

Active Support Buddy

​We are not licensed counselors or medical professionals, but we are people who have walked in your shoes, either as a cancer patient or caregiver. We've been down your path, some of us several times.  With your doctor’s approval, we offer light outdoor exercise at a level that meets your customized needs along with supportive companionship.  In this way, we hope to offset the effects of treatment, facilitate your healing process, and provide fellowship throughout your journey.

About us

Active Support Buddy

Let us support you one step at a time.

What the Buddy does:

  • Walks with their patient as often as scheduling permits
  • Provides moral support and encouragement

Both cancer patients and volunteers who have participated in this program have benefited from the outdoor exercise and companionship.  We want to support so many more, but we can’t do it without your help.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from our program or would like to volunteer or sponsor a patient, please contact us.  

We need:

  • Volunteers – it will only require a little bit of time, and the rewards are immeasurable.
  • Patients – anyone who needs support through cancer treatment and recovery and has their doctor's approval to participate in light exercise.
  • Sponsors – no amount is too small (or too large!).  All donations are tax-deductible. 

Click here if you are seeking a buddy for exercise and moral support. 

Click here if you would like to volunteer to be a buddy.

Click here if you would like to sponsor a patient.

Let us support you…one step at a time!